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Are you looking for a Business Intelligence Analyst?

Business Intelligence in Edmonton. Your business intelligence analyst firm specialized in management reporting and solutions for mid-market organizations. You are in the right place if you:

Need Management Reports and not sure where to start, but certain there’s a better way and could use the help of a business intelligence analyst in Edmonton


A Business Intelligence Analyst can review your management reporting needs and determine if the process can be made easier using your current technology. If you need reporting help, contact us now to setup a complimentary assessment at no charge. We help clients realize their business intelligence needs and introduce them to processes and technologies to make their business operations run smoothly with near real-time reporting.

Want to save time and become more efficient by automating recurring reports that are too time consuming

Management reports can be automated by pulling information directly from the database and processing it. Many tools exist that can facilitate this process including Microsoft SQL Server, SAP Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, and many others. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2010 or later, chances are you are not using it to its full advantage. We can help you evaluate your needs and help you save time creating the same report month to month. We also provide training to enhance your teams skills.

Looking for a Business Intelligence Analyst to help you interpret your data so that you can make better business decisions

Most clients collect data about their business transactions, customer, and operations. This data can be mined to discover valuable information about your business. For instance, we can help you evaluate your portfolio of clients, products, assets, inventory, or holdings and provide insight into your business.  Our business intelligence analyst can also help you create KPIs and dashboards to better measure your progress and goals.

Need to interpret data from one or more accounting/ERP system and organize the data so you can perform your own analysis in MS Excel, PowerPivot, or other tool

You likely collect data using many different systems. We can help you turn this data into valuable information through business analysis and statistical sampling. Contact us for a complimentary assessment to find out how we can help. Our business intelligence analysts can create a process and train you to use this data and compile other reports in the tools you are comfortable with, such as Microsoft Excel.

Looking to simplify the process and want useful information from your database in Microsoft Excel or other familiar formats

Our business analysts are specialized in business intelligence and have extensive training in many fields. Our business analysts are trained in accounting,  information technology, and project management. They work with a variety of software packages and tools to deliver results. If your business project requires the attention of business professionals including Project Managers (PMPs), Designated Accountants (CMAs/CAc/CGAs), and/or Business Experts (MBAs), connect with us today to get started.

Get started with a complimentary business intelligence assessment.

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